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Internet Phone

Free Phone Calls , free internet call and PC to PC over the Internet.

Internet Phone is the latest VoIP technology which was introduced by DSG, Inc. Free Phone Calls over the Internet (VoIP) make consumers' dream come true. The USB Internet Phone is the best VoIP solution today. The USB Phone named "IN-Call" is one of the VoIP products introduced by DSG, Inc., which connects to the USB port on the computer. USB Phone is the most cost effective solution available today.


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We provide free long distance, free internet phone call

Internet Telephony Solutions are welcomed by small business owners due to its single port plug and play configuration. Internet Telephony solutions allow users to make free calls with "IN-Call" VoIP products such as ,IN-Call Dialup, IN-Call LAN, and IN-Call USB. These Phones deliver VoIP technology with "Good Proof" instructions and plug and play compatibility today.



voice over internet protocol is enable people to use the Internet as the transmission for telephone calls.

Internet Phone Solutions are used by consumers for their home like the one from "IN-Call". Internet Phone (IN-Call Dialup/LAN and IN-Call USB Phone) can be used reliably on a dial up ISP or DSL/Cable Modem connection and provide the consumer with all the advantages of IP Telephony. This gateway comes with complete instructions and the plug and play compatibility IN-Call is known for.



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